Privacy Policy


We respect the privacy of our users and we are committed to protecting it. For that reason, Chainsaw Attachments only gathers personal information that is necessary to establish an account on your behalf. This information, which generally includes your name, telephone number and email address, will never be sold or shared to a third party for any reason.

If you use our electronic payment or bank standing order, we do not have any access to your card or bank details whatsoever.

Chainsaw Attachments may analyse traffic to our websites from the Internet. Generic, non-personal information such as an estimate of your geographical location, user agent (web browser) type, operating system platform, time of visit, pages visited, etc. may be collected in an effort to improve our service. This information will never be sold or shared to a third party for any reason.

If necessary, information collected when individuals register, submit questions, or communicate with Chainsaw Attachments in any way may be retained so we can respond to you regarding your account or inquiry.

You may receive an occasional email regarding your account. Unless you opt-out, you may receive email updates, Chainsaw Attachment related news and offers. Unless required to do so by a court of law, Chainsaw Attachments will never directly sell or share your email address with third-parties. At any time, you may opt-in or -out of receiving emails by sending us an email here.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Normally, important changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be announced on our website.